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The Best Time of the Year is Here.

It's November, and Browning hopes you have a few great hunts under your belt by now and have plenty more planned. Around Thanksgiving many of us at Browning have traditions that combine family celebrations of gratitude along with the opportunity for some of the year's best family hunting experiences. We hope you do, too.

The Browning Insider - New Browning Maxus Autoloading Shotgun Announced.

Browning Insider

Goose Hunting with the Maxus

At the recent Browning sales meeting in October, the industry's newest autoloading shotgun -- the Browning Maxus -- was introduced to the Browning sales force. The new Maxus has not yet been officially launched to consumers. The following story is a Browning eBlast subscriber exclusive -- offering subscribers the first official look at the Maxus.

The new Browning Maxus is called "The Most Reliable Autoloading Shotgun the World Has Ever Known." That's no small claim, but Browning knows a bit about autoloaders . . . having invented the category. The autoloader shotgun began with the original Auto-5 designed by John M. Browning himself at the turn of the century, and the first guns were shipped in 1903. The new Maxus lives up to the legacy of genius that John Browning began, offering a design solution that reduces recoil, maximizes reliability and adds convenience for a new century of hunters.

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Five Questions for Dale Weathers - Browning Gun Safe Product Manager.
Browning Gun Safes

Recently we had the opportunity to talk to Dale Weathers, product manager for the Browning Pro Steel line of gun safes. Weathers is charged with maintaining the Browning Pro Steel brand of safes as the most respected brand in the industry and to continue to build on a 30-year tradition of innovation and improvement. This is no small task. His insights will help you decide the right safe to purchase for your guns and other valuables.

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Browning's "Test Drive a Cynergy" Program Does the Trick.

Shooting 25-straight at skeet is a notable accomplishment any time, and recently was especially exciting to 13-year-old Hunter Derenski. He had been shooting skeet since he was 11 and had come close to a 25 straight several times. He finally made it happen when his local gun club offered for him to use their new "loaner" Browning Cynergy. On his first round with the Cynergy he shot a 24 and a few days later he finally shot a perfect 25. Read more about his experience in a story written by his mother, a self-proclaimed "skeet mom."

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Enter the new eBlast subscriber contest.

The winners of last month's eBlast contest have been notified by e-mail. Awarded were one of three Browning first aid kits designed just for hunters by our partners at Browning Outdoor Health and Safety.

Browning Ceiling Fan
Enter to win a free ceiling fan.

This month subscribers can win one of two Browning Deluxe Ceiling Fans from our partners at John Marshall Design. To make sure we can contact you if you are a winner, please update your profile when entering. To enter the contest, click here.
For contest rules, go here.

The ceiling fans for this month's prizes offer a special tribute to the Browning Buckmark logo. The five blade fan has the Buckmark integrated into each blade attachment. These are not only highly finished fans with elegant scrollwork and detailed accents, they also feature high quality construction and components for years of quiet, reliable service. A Browning ceiling fan instantly adds to the decor of your home with its looks and instantly adds to the comfort of your home with its high quality design.

For more information on this month's subscriber prize, click here.

The Partner Corner - Specialized Browning Gear from Browning Home and Lodge.

Home and Lodge Browning, in partnership John Marshall Design (one of the nation's leading suppliers of specialty home and lodge products) offers a beautiful line of bedding, comforters, blankets, ceiling fans, drapes, wall borders and much more to decorate your home or cabin. The colors and designs will complement your own interior design and, of course, the Browning Buckmark is worked into each design making a statement about the lifestyle and products you enjoy.

The founder and CEO/President, John Marshall, has been an avid hunter and fisherman from the time he was old enough to tag along with his father in the great outdoors. He has been in the ceiling fan business since 1978 - first as an electrician installing and servicing ceiling fans, then as an owner of his own retail store and service center for ceiling fans opened in February, 1983. Finally, as one of the leading providers of ceiling fan components in the country, before starting his current venture and partnering with Browning.

For more information on Browning Home and Lodge products click here.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
Show Us Your Buckmark Winners!

Show Us Your Buckmark

It has been 30 years since the Browning Buckmark first showed up in Browning literature. Celebrate the occasion by submitting your own favorite use of the Buckmark logo. Enter the Buckmark contest by going to the link on the Browning home page and you may win a Browning rifle or shotgun.

Randy Bongard on a recent Colorado hunt using his Browning A-Bolt.

Visit the Browning Trophy Room

We have been receiving many Trophy Room entries lately and if you want to be totally in awe check out the mule deer taken by Randy Bongard on a recent Colorado hunt using his Browning A-Bolt. And check out Keith Coble's beautiful whitetail. See the dozens of new submissions of first deer taken, pronghorns, upland game - all equally important to those who posted them. To enter the Browning Trophy Room go to our home page or simply click here.

Keith Coble’s beautiful whitetail

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