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The 2010 SHOT Show is on next week.

SHOT ShowThere is no event that is more important for the hunting and shooting business than the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). And it is huge, with over 707,000 square feet of exhibit space and 1,700 exhibitors. Over 1,400 media people will be there covering the show. The SHOT Show comes around once a year and next week is the big week. Just like last year, Browning will offer you blog updates of activities as well as details on product introductions at the Show along with video, articles and photos.

This year's Show is in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is just a short hop for those of us living out West, working at the Browning headquarters in Morgan, Utah.

Last year the big worry was the direction of the economy. And although times have been very rough for many of you across the country, the mood leading up to this SHOT Show is very optimistic. 2009 was a pretty good year for the industry and we expect the mood to be very positive with many great new products from the best companies. As for Browning, you can expect more excitement, more fun and more great products than ever.


SHOT Show SpecialsAs with last year, Browning's special Web coverage of the Show will focus heavily on the new in-line products with extra attention given to the rarest of Browning products: the SHOT Show specials. These products -- from every category in the Browning lineup -- are offered to dealers only at the SHOT Show and usually manufactured in limited quantities. These are not only some of the most interesting and unique products made, but over the years they have proven to be some of the most collectable.

This year the SHOT Show runs from Tuesday, January 19 through Friday the 22nd. 2010 product is online right now, but expect SHOT Show specials to be available online by Tuesday. And, using the link on our home page, you can go to our running blog with extra details and observations from the Browning product managers. Since this is a trade show – not a consumer show – we hope to give you an insider look with our Web coverage.

Last year, with nearly 50,000 in total attendance and with its ranking as the 23rd largest trade show in the United States and Canada, it was truly an impressive gathering. Nearly 2,000 exhibitors are starting in the next few days to set up for the show.

To be a part of the excitement, simply go to starting Tuesday morning and we should be up and running with our first special reports. We'll see you there.

When you visit next week be sure to visit the SHOT Show blog section for updates, videos and details on new and special products.


SHOT Show Booth
Shown is the center section of the new Browning booth for the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. This is just an artist rendering since it is totally new and has never been fully assembled with the other components of the booth.
SHOT Show Products
Here is a sample of last year’s SHOT Show specials. Expect more in 2010, all online Tuesday of next week.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
2010 Show Us Your Buckmark Entry

Show Us Your Buckmark

2009 Buckmark contest winners have just been selected and word will be going out shortly. Remember, the contest continues on the for 2010. Enjoy the fun by submitting your own favorite use of the Buckmark logo in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. If you have done something unusual, fun or amazing with the Buckmark logo, take a picture and enter it by going to the link on the Browning home page -- and you may win a Browning rifle or shotgun.

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