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The 2009 SHOT Show is here.

The SHOT Show is the biggest yearly event in the firearms business. And this is the big week. Like last year, Browning will offer you up-to-the-minute blog updates of activities as well as details on product introductions at the Show along with video, articles and photos.

SHOT Show Booth Clothing SectionThis year's Show is in Orlando, Florida - a long day of flying for those of us based at the Browning headquarters in Morgan, Utah. Despite worries about the economy there seems to be an air of optimism in our industry. Gun sales are very strong . . . and from what we hear there should be a good number of excellent new products introduced this week at the SHOW.

SHOT SHOW SPECIALS. Browning's special coverage of the Show will focus heavily on Browning's new in-line products. But this year, extra attention will be given to the rarest of Browning products: these are the SHOT Show specials. These products - from every category in the Browning lineup - are offered only at the SHOT Show and almost always are built in limited quantities. These are not only some of the most interesting and unique products made, but are some of the most collectable.

You may not be able to find all the specials on the regular Website immediately when the Show starts - but they will be covered on the Browning blog as the week progresses.

SHOT Show Booth FirearmsLIVE WEB CAMS. Using the link on our home page -- starting Thursday morning -- you will be able to see the activity at the booth on our Browning Webcams. We will try to leave our cameras on around-the-clock to give you an unprecedented look inside this "dealer-only" trade show. We hope our Webcams and our coverage let you become a part of this event.

23rd LARGEST TRADE SHOW. The NSSF recently reported the following: "Tradeshow Week, the trade-show industry's journal, has ranked the SHOT Show the 23rd largest tradeshow in the United States and Canada. The ranking becomes even more impressive when the number of tradeshows in North America--an estimated 10,000 to 12,000--is taken into account." This is a huge show with companies from all over the world in a convention hall that seems to go on forever. At Browning we hope that this week you will get a sense of its size and the extreme energy our industry has.

SHOT Show BlogHOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS YEAR'S SHOW. It is easy. Simply go to starting Thursday morning and we should be up and running with our Web cams and our first special reports. We'll see you there.

Shown here is a page from the 2008 SHOT Show coverage.

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