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Welcome to the July Issue - Hot information for a hot summer.

June was an eventful month with Midwest flooding, sky rocketing energy prices, the Supreme Court decision regarding the second Amendment, wildfires in the West, and political intrigue throughout the world. All we really wanted was a relaxing summer. Well, July is certainly an "authentic" summer in every way here in Utah with temperatures pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit nearly every day.

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The Browning Insider.

Browning InsiderThe Browning BAR is one of those key products which have defined the Browning mystique throughout the last century. Much of the fame of today's sporting BAR began through the fame of the original military BAR designed by John M. Browning near the end of World War I. This rifle, called the BAR M1918, was commissioned by the U.S. Army in an effort to break the stalemate of trench warfare in the battlefields of France and Belgium. It took John M. Browning three months to design it. Browning took this project so seriously that his son Val personally did testing and training of the American troops. In its short time at the front the sound of a BAR became legendary. At 330 rounds per minute every shot was distinguishable and the sound became uniquely associated with the BAR, a sound that struck fear into the hearts of the enemy.

The BAR made a strong comeback in World War II as the 1918A2. The newer version had a higher rate of fire (550 rounds per minute) and soon became an integral part of many American units on every front.

But this Browning Insider report is about today's BAR. Here are a few interesting BAR facts you may never have heard before.

The Browning BAR sporting version is certainly a distinct and separate rifle from the military BAR M1918, but its design is the result of Browning's unmatched understanding and expertise with automatic rifles that started with John M. Browning. His grandson, Bruce Browning, was the driving force behind today's BAR. A large team of automatic firearms experts at the FN factory in Belgium also played a key role in its development.

This group of FN automatic rifle designers, lead by Marcel Olinger, began serious work on the project code named "Carbine 66," with full scale development and testing done throughout 1966 in preparation for an official 1967 product launch.

The original prototypes had the distinctive scalloped receiver, which all early BARs had. The trigger group assembly was reliable, but complex. The design required the disassembly of the buttstock from the receiver to remove the trigger group. BARs at that time came with your choice of a right or left handed safety, but they were not reversible. All calibers were built on a long action length receiver.

The BAR rifle was initially produced totally in Belgium and then assembly was transferred to Portugal in the early 1970s. This was history making for Browning, as the BAR was the first Browning firearm made in Belgium with assembly at an all new Browning plant in Viana, Portugal. Today, the Portugal factory has grown to be a major component of the Browning manufacturing system and is where the BAR continues to be assembled today, as well as the 12 and 20 gauge Gold and Silver autoloading shotguns and limited runs of the Hi-Power pistol. Contrary to what some have said, the BAR has always been made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal from the beginning.

The BAR has evolved slightly for over four decades. Rifles before 1976 are usually called Type 1 rifles. Between 1976 and 1992 they are often called Type 2 rifles, but these rifles are very similar to the original models. 1993 marked the introduction of the Mark II versions, which are still in production today.

Not well known to many was a special project in the early 1970s to produce a BAR version just for law enforcement. This rifle featured a slightly modified, high capacity FN FAL magazine and was chambered in 308 Winchester. However, the rifle never made it into production.

The product development team on the Mark II included a young engineer named Joseph Rousseau. It was on a trip to Browning's Morgan, Utah offices in 1988 that Rousseau fell in love with the Utah mountains and Utah hunting. Rousseau eventually moved his family to Utah and today he is the Vice President of Research and Development at Browning's Morgan, Utah headquarters.

The Mark II included several significant modern upgrades. A trigger assembly retained by cross pins was included for easy disassembly. At the same time the gas system was redesigned for greater reliability. A slide stop was added as a separate lever allowing you to keep the bolt in the open position with or without the magazine inserted. At this time the BAR received major improvements in both reliability and accuracy. According to Rousseau, the Mark II was originally qualified with a fully detachable magazine, but the change was never put into production. The BAR Mark II kept its original hinged type magazine found on the originals.

Few people recall the pump action version of the BAR introduced in 1997 and called the BPR. It was offered in seven calibers in both long and short action versions, including magnums. It provided many of the distinctive advantages of the BAR Mark II, but in a version that could be used in states that were not enthusiastic about civilian ownership of autoloading centerfires. At the time Browning management was worried that this could become a trend, but luckily this did not happen. In 1999 another variation, the Acera, made its U.S. debut. Originally developed for the European market, this straight-pull bolt-action design based on the BAR hit the U.S. market with minimal fanfare. The BPR and Acera are among the rarest of BAR variations and highly sought-after by Browning collectors.

Today's BARs come in the new ShortTrac and LongTrac variations. Built with lightweight aluminum receivers and modern styling, they offer all the advantages of the originals. Both the Lightweight and the Safari - based on the Mark II configuration - are still in the line as well.

BAR ShortTrac

At the time of its introduction and for over two decades the BAR was the only autoloading centerfire rifle available in magnum calibers. The BAR's strength, reliability and durability trace their roots back to the most famous of all autos, the original M1918 BAR.

1968 Browning CatalogClick here to look at a PDF of the BAR pages of the 1968 catalog.

Five Questions for Rafe Nielsen - Browning Product Manager.
Rafe Nielsen
Rafe Nielsen, Browning Shooting Accessories Product Manager.

This month we spoke with Rafe Nielsen, Product Manager for Browning Apparel and Shooting Accessories, at his office in Morgan, Utah.

Q. You have one of the largest and most diverse product lines at Browning. If you could pick one area that is your most popular and worthy of attention by our readers, what would it be?
A. Without a doubt our biggest sellers are still hearing protection, choke tubes and slings. It has been that way for years. These Browning products maintain a very strong presence all across the country. They are our bread and butter products. Another very strong category is rifle magazines, but they are very dependent on rifle sales, which are strong right now with both the A-Bolt and the X-Bolt being at the top of their game. Overall, magazine sales remain fairly steady over the years. The same is true of scope mounts.

Q. You mention scope mounts, are there any standouts among this line?
A. Sure and it has to be the new X-Lock scope rings for the X-Bolt rifle. The X-Bolt gets its name from the dual "X" patterns formed by the very robust four-hole per mount system. X-Lock bases are equally robust. We use superior aircraft grade aluminum in a one-piece style that incorporates the base and the bottom half of the ring into one unit. This provides total, precise alignment. These bases can take incredible amounts of rough handling and not move one bit. This is the best scope mount system ever offered on a production rifle, period.

Q. Of all your products, which area is growing the fastest?
A. Certainly this has to be gun care products. This is an area where we historically were very strong in historically, and then many competitors' products diluted the market. To combat this we re-thought our entire line and looked for some expert help. We found it right here under our own noses. Our R&D department shoots hundreds of thousands of rounds a year and the amount of gun cleaning they do is mind-boggling, especially to those of us don't love cleaning guns in the first place. We went to our Morgan, Utah guys, the quality team in Arnold, Missouri and the test teams at our overseas factories and asked them to be our consultants. With their help we redesigned the line with an all new selection of cleaning chemicals that we believe are the best in the world.

Cleaning SuppliesQ. What is the "must have" cleaning product?
A. There is no question about this; it is our Browning Solvent and Degreaser. This aerosol product is used directly on the action components to flush away the grit, dirt and powder fouling. This is an amazing product that makes it possible to totally clean your gun's action in a few minutes. It leaves no residue so when you're done you just apply a little oil in the right places and you are on your way. It works for all firearms, but it really shines with autoloaders. After an evening hunt, Browning Solvent and Degreaser is the "magic minute" for me. You know how it is, you come back from a hunt and it's late and you just want to turn in. With Browning Solvent and Degreaser and about a minute of easy effort, you're done. You will never be disappointed with this product.

Choke TubesQ. What category of Browning shooting accessories do you see growing the most in the future?
A. I think it will be specialized choke tubes made for hunting. The idea that specialized tubes really do make a difference in your success is becoming as big with hunters as it is now with sporting clays shooters. Already this is the case with Browning Turkey choke tubes. I think you'll see more sophisticated taper and constriction designs that are engineered for use with specific loads, shot sizes and even shot types growing even bigger over the next few years. As hunters demand better performance, specialty hunting tubes will eventually become the norm. One other trend that is growing fast is in aesthetics. You will see more extended tubes that don't just work better, but look better too. Browning choke tubes have aesthetic improvements that dress up your shotgun the same way a fancy skid plate, a lift kit or roll bar dresses up your 4x4 truck. A good looking choke tube is the fastest way to add a sexier look to your hunting gun.

The Partner Corner - Specialized Browning Gear.

Outdoor CookingOur partner of the month is Outdoor Cooking. This cooperative effort with the experts at Camp Chef has produced a line of Browning cooking equipment that is, metaphorically, the Citori of the outdoor cooking business. Top quality in every way. Recently we had the entire line of Browning Outdoor Cooking items on display in our lunchroom here in Morgan. By and large, Browning employees are experienced outdoors men and women. The 100% consensus is that these cooking stoves, smokers and cast iron cooking products are at the top tier of anything we have ever seen and used. Check out the lineup by going from our product listing on under "Outdoor Cooking" or go directly to the web pages by clicking here:

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