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Welcome to the June Issue - Summer Has Arrived.

If you love a bit of Browning history and live the Browning lifestyle, this issue of the eBlast has something for you. We take an in-depth look at the Cynergy® over and under shotgun from the first "idea" to the finished gun. Browning's Firearm Product Manager gets his shot at answering "Five Questions" this month. For the first time, new and old eBlast subscribers alike get the chance to win a pair of Browning boots in the all new eBlast subscription contest. And there are even ideas for decorating your home from our partners at Browning Home and Lodge.

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The Browning Insider.

Designing the Browning Cynergy -- Ten Long Years.

Browning InsiderThe history of the Browning Cynergy is probably not something you have read very much about. Mostly we and the gun magazines talk about all its great features. But, with the help of gun designer Dwight Potter, we have outlined some of the most interesting historical aspects in the development of the Cynergy.

To get to the beginning of the Cynergy you have to go way back. Its roots lie with the original B-25 Superposed, designed by John M. Browning in 1928 and finished for production using a single trigger with barrel selector by his son Val Browning by 1939. As the story goes, production costs hurt the Superposed in the marketplace during the late 1960s, so the design was taken to Browning's partner, the Miroku Company in Japan, and in 1971 the Citori over and under joined the Browning lineup. From that point the Citori has reigned as the king of the over and under business - a position it still holds.

However, in the early `90s the idea of a complementary gun to the Citori was being discussed by all the Browning design teams in Belgium, Utah and in Japan. In 1994, at a management retreat in Alaska, the world-wide team determined to begin exploring ideas. Independent design projects began and in 1996 the teams came together in Belgium to discuss three basic ideas. First was a design with a reverse-type hinge system presented by Joseph Rousseau, a master Browning gun designer from Belgium, now living in the foothills near the Browning offices in Morgan, Utah. The second was a low profile receiver concept being worked on by the experienced Browning designer Joseph Mardaga, one of the R&D team in Herstal, Belgium. Third was a design featuring a double firing pin concept specifically created to provide exceptionally fast lock times.

Dwight Potter
Dwight Potter, Browning Senior Gun Designer, holding a Cynergy in the Browning model shop.

About this time Dwight Potter, an engineer and avid hunter, joined Browning as a gun designer in Morgan, Utah. Potter had worked for many years prior designing robotic manipulators . . . telerobotics systems used on everything from submarine manipulators to animatronics at some of the world's most famous theme parks.

By 1997 the Cynergy project became official under the code name of "Sheik" and Potter was put on the project full-time as lead designer, working closely with Master Browning gun designer, Joseph Rousseau, who was now the firm's VP of Research and Development. The entire Browning "brain trust" team of gun designers, master model makers and even the marketing/products team began making contributions to the direction and details of the new design.

The Cynergy design was to be based on the reverse hinge concept put forward by Rousseau several years earlier, and it was Potter's job to design all the internal mechanisms. This took over two years of concentrated design work resulting in the first prototype coming out of Browning's model shop in Morgan, Utah in 1999. By 2001 Browning partner, Miroku, had produced the first design verification prototypes.

Prototype Cynergys
Shown are the two of the original prototype Browning Cynergy shotguns. The top one still has test sensors attached to the receiver.

"The design is clearly non-traditional," Potter explained. "Using the mono-lock hinge design put unique demands on the system. For example, when the action opens up, the strikers must cock by a `pull' rather than a `push.'"

Working closely with Rousseau, Potter designed the Cynergy's reverse striker system which assured very fast lock times. He created a striker type ejection system and integrated a toggle-type safety/selector. Potter's design assured good function with the mechanical triggers via an ingenious design utilizing an inertia block that prevents doubling while preserving exceptionally fast lock times.

In 2004, the new Cynergy was introduced to the public at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) - a full decade after the original ideas were discussed in Alaska.

Many have called the Browning Cynergy "revolutionary" and that's no exaggeration. Ever since the invention of the Browning Superposed over and under, most manufacturers have relied on the basic principles incorporated by John M. Browning to create their own over and unders, each one adapting and evolving from previous designs. The Cynergy represents the first major rethink of the over and under concept in nearly a Century. As such, it incorporates all of the most desirable features every shooter wants. The Cynergy achieves them through forward thinking ideas and manufacturing methods, in the same manner John M. Browning did when he broke new ground with his designs starting over 125 years ago. From a historical point of view, the Cynergy shows that the innovative thinking started by John M. Browning is still alive and well at Browning today.

Five Questions for Denny Wilcox - Browning Firearms Product Manager.

Denny Wilcox and his 625 Citori
Denny Wilcox, Browning Product Manager, shows off his Citori 625 from his office in Morgan, Utah.
We asked Denny Wilcox, Browning's Product Manager for firearms, five questions about today's Browning gun lineup. Denny has been with Browning for over 15 years. In addition to his current responsibilities, he is an engineer and spent 7 1/2 years working in the Browning Research and Development department. Prior to Browning, Wilcox retired as a Navy helicopter pilot, and is affectionately referred to by his co-workers as "The Commander." Here are five questions for Mr. Wilcox:

Q. If you had to pick one product line that represents the best of the Browning tradition and legacy, which one would it be?
A. Of course it would be over and unders. The Citori® over and under evolved directly from the original Superposed B-25, and it has many of the same overall internal design characteristics, along with the superb balance and handling built into the B-25 design by John M. Browning himself. To me it represents the best in every way: A rugged but elegant shooting tool. Of course there is also the cutting-edge Browning Cynergy. This is the shotgun that has been called "revolutionary" by many of the industry's top gunwriters. In the history of Browning, the Cynergy will hold a very important place alongside the Citori.

Q. What makes the Cynergy so revolutionary?
A. Over the years several features found on over and unders came to constitute the "top" desirable features of shotguns in general. Things like mechanical durability, balanced handling and fast lock times. The Cynergy achieves them all and more. The Cynergy design has set a new standard for over and under shotguns. When you look closely at the Cynergy's mechanics they are truly impressive: Reverse striker system, mechanical triggers, mono-lock hinge, and low profile receiver, among others. The design is clearly the industry leader.
So, for me right now, the big questions are about where we take the design aesthetically from this point. How should it look? To learn what our customers think, we actually have a survey on the Browning website so that every shotgunner can comment on where they want to see the Cynergy go in the future. Visit to the website and take the survey.

Q. I understand the Citori is still the backbone of the entire Browning lineup. What it the most popular Citori model and what makes it so desirable?
A. There is no question it is the Model 625, in either the sporting or field versions. This is the ultimate shooting machine in the line. The balance and pointability come directly from the advances made in the 525 line, and it has a great new checkering design with beautiful oil finish on the walnut stock and forearm. What really sets the 625 apart performance-wise is the Vector Pro™ extended forcing cones which are part of the overall Browning Barrel Dynamics package. This includes .742" back-bored barrels and the Invector-Plus® choke tube system. The best thing about Model 625s is that we have just shipped a quantity of these to our dealers and your chances of finding one in the next few weeks will be pretty good.

Q. If a person is not sure which Citori is right for him or her, what is the best way to make sure the right model is chosen?
A. The best way is still to go to your local Browning dealer and, with the help of a knowledgeable salesman, take a very close look at a few Citori shotguns and experiment with them for fit and comfort. The reality is that the Citori is a legend. Your Browning dealer knows what he's talking about, and you'll have no problem finding the Citori that's right for you.

Q. What is your favorite thing about the Citori and what is your favorite model?
A. When shooting with shotguns I lean toward upland hunting (mostly chukars in the high deserts of Utah) and sporting clays. My favorite is the 625. I worked with our team here to push the ideas we developed on the 525 up another notch to create the 625 . . . so I have some personal attachment to this design as well. I love the way the 625 shoots. Period.

Go directly to the Cynergy survey by clicking here.

THE PARTNER CORNER - Specialized Browning Gear.

Home and LodgeAs promised, we will be highlighting some of our specialized Browning partners each month. This month let's take a look at the Browning Home and Lodge products offered through our partners at John Marshall Design.

For those who have already heard of John Marshall Design, you know that everything about them is quality. When they added Browning-branded products to the mix, they went the extra mile in quality, staying true to the demands of our "The Best There Is" promise in both design and quality.

The response to these products has been tremendous, and in an effort to continue bringing loyal Browning enthusiasts "What You Love For Where You Live," John Marshall Design has added even more to the Browning Home and Lodge line. For example, check out the Browning Scrolls bedding. This complete bed set adds flare to the Browning Home and Lodge Collection with its rich chocolate tones and intricate scrollwork. It is easy to complete your Browning "sanctuary" with coordinating tab top drapes, wall borders, rugs, and shower curtains.
What's a Browning room without a Browning ceiling fan? This fan is at the top end of quality, designed with hand-carved blades and a customized grill cover -- the perfect accent to your room! The Browning Home and Lodge fan is available in two finishes: a Flemish Pewter finish with Mahogany blades, as well as an Antique Brass finish with Walnut blades.

Living the Browning Lifestyle is more than just having great guns; your home can be decorated to look exactly as your lifestyle dictates.

For more information please click here to go to the John Marshall Design/Browning website. You can email them at:

Browning Partner Special Deals.

At Browning we know the seasons by watching what our webmaster is doing after hours. Lately he has had two things on his mind: 1) Shooting rock chucks in the hills around Morgan, Utah, and 2) practicing shooting his bow behind the Browning warehouse during breaks in order to get ready for the archery seasons. With the bowhunting seasons looming it is a good time to take advantage of a great deal offered on Browning bows and upgrade to the world's top technology in hunting bows with a great rebate offer on select Browning bow models. Click here to go directly to the rebate information on the website.

Archery Rebate

Economic Stimulus Reminder.

Last month we reminded you about how you could put your Federal Economic Stimulus check to good use by buying some new Browning gear and guns. All the direct deposits from the IRS are delivered and now only the regular checks are still going out. Here is the breakdown of the remaining payments in case you missed it in the news.

Last two SSN digits Approximate date mailed
19 through 25 May 30
26 through 38 June 6
39 through 51 June 13
52 through 63 June 20
64 through 75 June 27
76 through 87 July 4
88 through 99 July 11

You needed to have filed your 2007 tax return on time and have everything in order to get be a part of the program. How much can you get? As the IRS puts it, a "maximum basic payment of $600 for singles or $1,200 for married couples. Many parents are also receiving an additional $300 for each qualifying child, born after Dec. 31, 1990."

The temptation will be to spend your hard-earned "economic stimulus payment" on gas, but just think about it -- how much will that empty tank mean to you a few years from now, compared to owning a beautiful Citori, Cynergy or other fine Browning firearm?

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Show Us Your Buckmark

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Leland with a great turkey taken with a Camo Cynergy.

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