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Save a Few Bucks and Save the Economy, Too!

Saving the U.S. economy is more fun if you spend your government rebate on a new Browning shotgun or rifle. And we are making it easier than ever with four great Browning promotions that will make your hard earned rebate go just a little bit further. With what you save you can get even more of the great Browning gear you will need to make 2008 your best hunting year ever.

  • $100 Rebate on any new 12 or 20 gauge Browning Gold shotgun.
  • $75 Rebate on any new BPS 3 1/2" 12 gauge.
  • $500 in Browning gear - including a $100 check to you from Browning - with the purchase of any Browning Cynergy Shotgun.
  • 50% off the purchase of a full sized, adult walnut buttstock when you purchase a qualifying BT-99 Micro Trap of BPS Micro Trap as part of the Browning Growth Insurance promotion.

Click here to read the details for each one of these promotions on the Browning website and print out the program or the coupon.

Browning Citori Story Movie Trailer.

The Citori StoryWithout question the Browning Citori is the standard by which all other over and unders are judged. Today's Citori is a direct descendant of the revered B-25 Superposed designed by John Moses Browning. In fact John Browning was doing final work on the Superposed in November of 1926 when he passed away at the Fabrique Nationale factory in Liege, Belgium. Since then many variations from the B-125 to the new 625 have offered a superb canvas for the finest over and under design in history . . . all based on the genius of John Browning's original design. Starting this summer, a special series of video presentations will be available for viewing on the website. We will keep you informed on progress and when the series is available for viewing.

Click here to view the trailer.

The Browning Insider.

Browning InsiderThe "Insider" is devoted to looking at what is going on inside Browning - information you won't get anywhere else.

It has been 55 years last week since Watson and Crick announced their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA . . . and the world of genetics was changed forever. In an event of almost similar proportions - well, at least for rimfire shooters - it has been just about three and a half years since Browning announced the new T-Bolt and its Double Helix® magazine system. Although not nearly as world-renown, the Browning inventors, Potter and Cook (Dwight Potter and Ryan Cook) broke new ground by creating a 10 round magazine with the reliability of a rotary design and the slim compactness of a vertical magazine.

The ten-round Double Helix uses a torsion drive spring and dual interlocking gears to maintain correct timing and cartridge alignment for smooth, reliable feeding. The smooth, rounded exterior contours of the Double Helix, along with twin gripping grooves, tapered shape and a slightly extended baseplate design make insertion easy. The exposed edge of the gear makes loading and unloading equally easy by allowing the spring tension on the cartridges to be relieved.

Ryan Cook
Shown is Ryan Cook - half of the Potter and Cook team - holding Browning T-Bolt and the Double Helix magazine.

According to Ryan Cook, co-designer, the Browning Double Helix design had its beginnings when partner Dwight Potter began experimenting with an idea in early 2003 that would combine two rotary magazines into one in order to 1) make the magazine slimmer overall, 2) allow a rifle to be much narrower from side to side, 3) make action height shorter at the magazine and 4) create reliable function under all conditions. Cook developed the external geometry and gearing system for timing and perfected the magazine's operation for use specifically in the new Browning T-Bolt Rimfire System (also designed by Cook).

To understand the significance of this improvement you must take the Double Helix test. First, compare the Double Helix magazine for size with the competition's single wheel rotary magazine. Then do the same with two of the competitions 5-round stacked magazines held side to side. Then compare the easy of loading, insertion and unloading. And remember, the standard magazine holds 10 rounds with 22 Long Rifle; the magnum magazine holds 10 rounds with 22 Mag and 17 HMR. We think you will see that nothing else even comes close.

The Browning Double Helix was designed right here in Morgan, Utah where Potter and Cook work along with the rest of the engineers, model makers, test/quality technicians and support staff of the Browning Research and Development team.

Double Helix Logo Double Helix Magazines
Five Questions for Mark Francis.
Mark Francis

We asked Mark Francis, Browning's Manager for Technical Apparel five questions about his current line of clothing. Here's what he says:

Q. What is the hottest product in your line right now?
A. Actually it is a toss-up between the new Transitions Series and the Hell's Canyon apparel.

Q. The newest is the Transitions Series - so what is so unique about the Transitions system?
A. Well, there are three main objectives of the Transitions Series. First, do more with less. By this I mean cover more conditions and temperature extremes with fewer, lighter items. Second, they must be backpack friendly. That is, if you are hunting with a pack the pockets need to be in the right places to still be accessible - this is something nearly every other apparel maker ignores. Third, we have reinvented the traditional layering concept with modern fabrics and technologies.

Q. Hunters are always looking for the "perfect" hunting jacket . . . does the Transitions Series have one?
A. The direct answer is no -- there is no one single "perfect" garment anywhere. The innovation of the Transition Series is all about combinations of two or three garment layers that when worn together create the perfect clothing for all conditions.

Q. Like What? Give an example.
A. You can hunt almost anywhere in the world with a Browning Gore-Tex® Quest Jacket and Pant. It's a quiet soft-shell that's waterproof and breathable. This will keep you dry and take you comfortably down to 40°F. When it gets colder, add a mid layer consisting of a Browning 700 Fill Power down or 4X fleece garment. I would go to Alaska with these two garments and not have to worry about anything. The entire system lets you adapt to the exact conditions you will be under.
Another choice would be to start with the highly breathable, weather-resistant Pursuit Jacket and Pant. This would keep you dry and warm in all but the most extreme conditions. Were it to become extremely cold and wet it would be simple to add a waterproof Gore-Tex outer shell and an insulating layer.

Q. What about a base layer? Is it important?
A. It is a given that you should be wearing a wicking, bacteria killing base layer such as one of the Browning Next To Skin products in the NTS Base system. Build your Browning layers on top of a high performance base layer and you will be comfortable and confident wherever you hunt and whatever the weather.

Specialized Browning Gear.

Browning CampingLast month we promised that we would begin highlighting some of the specialized Browning products developed in partnership with top experts and manufacturers in their fields. This month let's take a look at Browning Camping.

During the 1970s and early '80s Browning provided a full line of camping gear including tents, sleeping bags and related gear. Bringing them back was a serious undertaking because they must meet the Browning's promise of "The Best There Is" quality and cutting edge innovation.

The best way to describe the philosophy of Browning Camping is this: "Camping gear that is hunt-tough." For example, in our line of mummy and rectangular bags the Rogue -30°F mummy offers extreme performance and will keep you warm in frigid sub zero temperatures. We know some competitors' bags offer the same warmth, except with a Browning you get a level of hunt-tough durability with rugged Brushed Micro exterior, extra tough stitching and an attention to overall durability that is not necessary in regular backpacking style bags. Browning rectangular sleeping bags are equally tough and are made for the way you camp: At elk or deer camp or in a camper, on a cot or pad on the ground. When you come back in wet and cold from a day in the snow and sleet you will be able to stretch out in comfort and warmth. And the durability of heavy exteriors makes them a lifetime investment. When was the last time you heard of sleeping bags your kids will want to inherit? That's how good a Browning is. Whatever you need in sleeping pads, camp tables, camp chairs, tents, cookware -- even gear for your dog -- they are available at the Browning level of quality with Browning Camping gear.

Click here to go directly to the Browning Camping web catalog.
Call 1-877-765-7655 to locate a Browning Camping dealer near you.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
Show Us Your Buckmark Winners!

Show Us Your Buckmark

Don't forget we are now in an entirely new year of the "Show Us Your Buckmark" Contest so drum up and new entry and get your chance at winning a Browning rifle or shotgun.

Visit the Browning Trophy Room

Click here to see the incredible trophy animals bagged by Browning owners from around the world.

Mark with a great turkey taken with a BPS.

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