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Welcome to the February 2008 Browning eBlast.

Things have settled down just a bit now that the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (called the SHOT Show) is over. In our last eBlast we gave you a few reminders about what we would be doing for you on our website during the show. Everything came off more or less as planned.

If you didn't get a chance to take a look at all the fun and excitement - and the new products - everything is still posted on the Browning site . . . except for the web cams which are packed and put away. So you will have to wait until next year to see a show actually in progress.

In the last eBlast we mentioned special guns called "SHOT Show Specials." If you are wondering what a SHOT Show Special is we have included some details under "The Browning Insider" section below.

Spring Has Sprung — Sort Of.

It's almost turkey time. This has been one of the roughest winters in many years here in Utah, especially in Northern Utah around the Browning headquarters. The image below is from an employee's neighborhood, just a few miles north of the Browning offices. About 90-100 Rios live in two adjoining canyons . . . and nearly all of them winter in the canyon shown. The deep snow and nearly a month of below zero nighttime temperatures and below freezing daytime temperatures were taking a toll on the birds. Several weeks ago the NWTF took the initiative and installed two feeders in the canyon. The improvement with the birds has been significant. On Browning property we also have a feeder and a good flock has been using it all winter.

Turkeys crossing the road Turkeys at the feeder.
A "herd" of about 90 birds - some strutting already - slowly make way for traffic. One of the NWTF provided feeders.

This brings to mind Turkey Shotguns. We have noticed a trend over the past few years where Turkey guns are divided into two categories. 1) Very cheap guns with few features (mostly pumps and single shots) and 2) Specialized high end shotguns with advanced sighting systems and excellent chokes included. There is probably a third category, which is just use your field gun for turkeys. We are all hunters and we know you could take a turkey with just about any shotgun model. But if you are a person who understands the difference in how you feel driving your 3/4 ton pickup compared to a lightweight jelly bean commuter car then you will understand. A commuter will get you from point A to B. But there is not much excitement or thrill along the way.

Working with a fine turkey gun -- sighting it in, and working with loads and chokes -- is simply an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that leads up to the final second that you pull the trigger. And there is a difference in the feel and handling of a fine shotgun. Of course we think you'll be more successful with a Browning turkey gun, but the real point is you'll enjoy the experience of turkey hunting a whole lot more too. By the next eBlast some turkey seasons will be underway (not in Utah of course) so we wish you all the best as you make your final decision on a new shotgun and make you way outdoors. Good luck!

Go directly to a list of Browning Turkey guns by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for turkey hunting apparel Browning has plenty of great selections. But since so many camo items are suitable for turkey and early archery, and even big game hunting, it can be hard to simply "search" for them. There are two fast ways. One is to click HERE and go directly to the listing of most turkey and crossover apparel and hats. The other is to click on the Browning apparel menu on the left side of the home page, then go all the way to the bottom of the product list to the section titled "GENERAL PRODUCT CATEGORIES." And there it is, in the list: "Spring Turkey / Early Archery." You can use this method for other categories you are trying to sort through.

The Browning Insider

Browning InsiderSo what is a SHOT Show Special? These are primarily Browning firearms that are configured and outfitted just for the SHOT Show. They are not in the Browning catalog. The Browning product managers create these configurations just for the Show.

It is true that when they begin to ship not every dealer will have them. The dealers that come to the show, or their sales reps, order these special guns at the show, but not all dealers take advantage of the opportunity. That is why these guns are sometimes hard to find. It is also why you should begin looking now if you are interested in getting one of these special guns for yourself.

A unique part of the SHOT Show Special program is that many of these become among the rarest of all Browning guns with production runs in the hundreds and sometimes even less. This substantially enhances how collectible they are. That is not very important if you just like to use your guns, but if you like to have very unique, collectible guns in your portfolio, these could be ideal.

This year the specials can be found by going to the website and clicking on the SHOT Show section. Find "products" inside the blog area and click to see the specials. On occasion, a version or variation of a SHOT Show Special will - by the next year or even in a year or two - find its way to the regular product line and into the Browning catalog. Every so often a SHOT Show Special becomes the prototype for a very successful line of products that will endure for several years or longer.

Until recently, very little was written or said about the specials, but we hope this year we have helped by detailing them on our site.

So What's Hot From SHOTS!

Browning SHOT Show specials are always the top attraction at our Booth and this year they were as popular as ever. But some are really hot. Here is a list of those getting the most attention and the most orders:

The upside is that significant orders of these were taken so factory deliveries should be good. The downside is that these guns will be in strong demand when they arrive. So you will want to talk to your dealer immediately if you are interested. This is particularly true of the One Millionth Citori Commemorative shotguns. They are in very limited quantities and are true high value firearms - the most collectible Brownings in many years.

You can check these out on the Browning site by clicking HERE.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
Show Us Your Buckmark Winners!


Show Us Your Buckmark Winners Announced.

More winners in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest have just been chosen. These winners receive a Browning shotgun or rifle and will be featured in Browning print and internet ads and published worldwide for millions of Browning fans to enjoy. Take a look at the winning entries by clicking here. The winning entries will start showing up in ads later this year.

Tyler with a nice elk taken with an A-Bolt Composite Stalker.

Visit the Browning Trophy Room

Click here to see the incredible trophy animals bagged by Browning owners from around the world.

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