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SHOT ShowNext Saturday is the SHOT Show . . . and you can be part of it! The SHOT Show is the annual trade show for the entire shooting and hunting industry. To give you an idea, the huge Consumer Electronics Show has about 140,000 attendees. The extent of the products shown there is mind boggling. But the SHOT Show has nearly 50,000 in attendance. We are a "little" industry by comparison, but our show is huge -- no, gigantic -- by most standards. And it has outgrown the Las Vegas convention center for the first time this year with booths now extending across the street for new display areas.

So who is at the SHOT Show? Many attendees are the dealers and sales people you will meet and talk to the next time you buy a gun or other hunting related products. These are the people you know. Plus it is packed with distributors, manufacturers, sales reps, and other industry members.

It is not a consumer show. But for the first time ever for Browning you can be part of the "virtual SHOT Show" by checking in on the Browning website starting Saturday morning at the opening of the show. Some of the things you won't want to miss are:

  • Live streaming webcams that will show what is going on in the entire Browning booth all day. The Browning booth is huge and you will get an idea by just checking the webcams.
  • An ongoing blog that will keep you up to date with events, new products, appearances by celebrities and many of the outdoor industry greats to the Browning booth.
  • Special stories on both Browning products and innovations from other companies. We will do our best to get out on to the floor and report on what you want to see and hear.
  • Expect informative video reports that will show you all the new products and let you hear about them from the product development team members themselves.

For the first time ever you can be part of the SHOT Show experience, so be sure to check in periodically and be a part of one of the largest trade shows in the world.

THE SECRET "SPECIALS." Lastly, by joining us at for the show you will get the first look at some of the most elusive products in the industry: These are the hard to find "Browning SHOT Show Specials." They are special, unique products developed just for dealers to order at the show. They aren't in the catalog. They are usually in limited numbers and they are often hard to find. You'll be able to get all the details and -- if you want -- be able to get ahead of all the others by talking to your dealer and getting one on order. These will be on-line one day before the show -- so you can check in Friday morning for details at the same time our North America Sales Reps will be learning about them at our annual SHOT Show sales meeting.

We hope you will join us on-line at

Team Browning

Dana's nice moose taken with a A-Bolt Stainless Stalker.

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