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121. What loads will a Maxus cycle?  
122. What material is used for Browning knife handles?  
123. What ounce loads can I shoot in a new A5 (current version) with either a 3" or 3 1/2" chamber?  
124. What size ballcap should I buy?  
125. What type of chokes does my Browning 725 take?  
126. What type of shotgun and ammo do I use for a particular game?  
127. What type of slug ammunition should I use with my shotgun?  
128. What type of steel is used in Browning's knife blades?  
129. What's the Magazine Capacity of the BAR?  
130. When bringing out a new product can you offer it in a solid color for those who don't want everything in camo?  
131. Where are Browning firearms manufactured?  
132. Where are your garments made?  
133. Where can I get discontinued magazines for my older Browning firearm?  
134. Where can I get extra keys for my Browning luggage case?  
135. Where can I get my firearm serviced or repaired?  
136. Where can I get scope bases for my X-Bolt Browning rifle?  
137. Where can I obtain a screw for my knife?  
138. Where can I obtain parts for older Browning firearms?  
139. Where can I obtain spare bulbs for my Browning flashlight?  
140. Where can I request a catalog?  
Questions 121 to 140 of 156 Last Next Previous First

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