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101. What is the recommended procedure for breaking in a new barrel?  
102. What is the Rockwell hardness of Browning's knife blades?  
103. What is the size of the Browning REACTAR pad?  
104. What is the temperature rating on my Browning coat?  
105. What is the vault door and frame?  
106. What is the warranty for Browning clothing?  
107. What is the warranty on Browning safes?** this is now updated in the articles section.**  
108. What kind of paint is used on Browning safes?  
109. What kind of pattern does each choke give?  
110. What loads will a Maxus cycle?  
111. What material is used for Browning knife handles?  
112. What ounce loads can I shoot in a new A5 with 3" chamber (current version)?  
113. What size ballcap should I buy?  
114. What type of shotgun and ammo do I use for a particular game?  
115. What type of slug ammunition should I use with my shotgun?  
116. What type of steel is used in Browning's knife blades?  
117. What's the Magazine Capacity of the BAR?  
118. When bringing out a new product can you offer it in a solid color for those who don't want everything in camo?  
119. Where are Browning firearms manufactured?  
120. Where are your garments made?  
Questions 101 to 120 of 141 Last Next Previous First

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