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How do I get my combination if I've lost it?



For your security and protection, Browning requires proof of ownership before releasing the combo/MRC to any safe.
Please allow 24 hours for research and verification before calling 800-926-5573 to receive the combo/MRC.
In order to get a lost combo/MRC, you will need the following:
1.    The complete serial number of the safe, which is located on the top back left corner of the safe (when facing the safe). Some serial numbers include a letter or two before the numbers in the serial number – please check for both the letters and numbers.
2.    Faxed verification of ownership of the safe. Verification can be made by any one of the following parties.
-The Browning Dealer that sold the safe
-A local law enforcement agency
-A locksmith belonging to either SAFTA or ALOA
(Please include SAFTA or ALOA membership number)
Fax Instructions:
a) Fax must be sent on the printed letterhead of the party certifying safe ownership. The fax number is: (800) 234-4155.
b) Fax must be sent from the fax machine of the certifying party so that the fax stamp can be matched to the letterhead.
c)   There must be a statement verifying that the person owns and or is in possession of the safe
d) The fax must include the complete serial number of the safe (look for a letter or two before the number for safes manufactured after year 2000).
e)   Also include the name and daytime phone number of the person Browning can call with any questions.
Please allow 24 hours for research and verification before calling

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