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Can you provide me with a list of common firearm terms and their definitions?


Glossary of Terms
Many other Tech-Terms of our products can be found in the Tech-Term section of the website.

22 Long Rifle
The caliber of cartridge used in the A-Bolt 22 (except Magnum models).

22 Magnum
A rimfire caliber that utilizes a longer cartridge than the standard 22 Long Rifle cartridge. The A-Bolt 22 rimfire is available in 22 Magnum. Long Rifle and 22 Magnum cartridges are NOT interchangeable.

22 Rifle
A rifle designed to shoot a small .22 caliber bullet. This is the kind of rifle used for practice shooting and small animals. The 22 Semi-Auto is a "22 rifle."

Bolt Handle
The handle on the bolt that is used to unlock the bolt (by lifting upward) and pulling the bolt rearward (to eject a cartridge) and close the bolt (and load a cartridge).

This is the cylindrical part of a rifle that is inserted into the back of a receiver. It has a handle with a knob on it. The bolt opens and closes by lifting the handle then pulling rearward. It is the means by which a cartridge is loaded or ejected from the chamber of a rifle.

A patented device that is built onto the end of many Browning A-Bolt Centerfire rifles and BAR Mark II rifles. Special adjustments to the BOSS can make a bullet more accurate. BOSS means Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System.

A numerical name usually combined with a word name that describes the cartridge/bullet size a rifle is made to shoot. There are many calibers available for our centerfire rifles and rimfire rifles. They are NOT interchangeable. Bullet diameters vary from caliber to caliber as do the shape and size of the brass cartridge. The diameter of a bullet is measured in either decimals (of an inch) or millimeters. Either measurement refers to the caliber of a bullet.

A single round of ammunition. The brass casing that holds the powder and bullet and includes a primer. Once a cartridge is fired it is "empty" or "fired." When it still contains the powder and is fitted with a bullet and primer it is a "loaded" cartridge. The neck is the opening where the bullet goes in. The base is the bottom end of the cartridge.

Centerfire Rifles
These rifles are designed to take cartridges that have a removable primer in the center of the base of the cartridge.

The place where a loaded cartridge is inserted into the back end of a barrel. The shape of the chamber matches the shape of the cartridge.

Fully Loaded
When all cartidges have been placed in the magazine and one is in the chamber.

Fully Unloaded
When all cartidges have been removed from the magazine as well as the chamber.

When a cartridge has been placed in the chamber of a rifle. Usually with the bolt closed.

Long Action
A receiver configuration made to handle a range of longer length cartridges in the centerfire rifle category.

Long Action Magnum
A receiver configuration made to handle a range of even longer centerfire cartridges than the "long actions." These special rifles handle extremely powerful cartridges designated as "Magnum" calibers.

A container located on the firearm for holding several cartridges. A spring mechanism in the magazine (follower) positions a new cartridge for loading into the chamber.

Model Name
This is the total name of a firearm.

Off Safe
"Off Safe" is where the gun's safety system is turned off and the firearm is ready to fire.

On Safe
"On Safe" is where the gun's safety system is turned on and mechanically blocks the gun from firing. The safety is a mechanical device and can fail. It is no guarantee that the firearm might not actually accidentally fire. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded and ready to fire.

Rimfire Rifle
These are rifles designed to take cartridges that have a built-in primer system, around the edge of the base of the cartridge. To fire the cartridge, the firing pin strikes the edge of the cartridge base. Most rimfire rifles shoot 22 caliber cartridges. The cartridge is often referred to as 22 caliber rimfire."

A device for locking the trigger and/or firing pin of a rifle for preventing the rifle from firing. This is a mechanical device and can fail. Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

Scope Base & Rings
The combination of a metal mounting platform and ringed holders that secure a rifle or shotgun telescopic sight onto the receiver or barrel.

Serial Number
This is the identifying number found on every gun made. See your owner's manual for the location of your firearm's serial number.

Sling and Sling Swivels
Special metal posts are screwed into the stock near the butt and on the fore-end. Between these a sling is attached using sling swivels to be used for carrying a rifle over the shoulder.

The portion of the rifle that serves as the place for holding with the hands. The butt stock of the stock goes against the shoulder. The fore-end is forward and supported by one of the shooter's hands.

When no cartridge is in the chamber of a rifle. Always inspect the chamber of any firearm you pick up or is handed to you. Check both the magazine and the chamber visually to determine that they contain no ammunition.

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