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How do you change comb and comb height on the composite stock Cynergy shotgun?


Figure 13: To remove the comb, tap out the pin with a punch or drift pin, then slide the comb forward off the ribs.
Figure 14: Adjust the comb by sliding it in the proper ridges for the desired comb height. Each ridge on the comb represents 1⁄8" in height.

The adjustable comb is available only on Cynergy Composite stock models. These models come with a neutral comb (no cast on or off), and is in the center or neutral position. Two optional combs with cast on or off are available from your Browning dealer. They completely replace your present comb, and are adjustable in height as well. To replace the comb, simply tap out the pin with a 1⁄8"punch or drift pin, from either side (Figure 13). Slide the comb forward off the ribs and off the stock. The new comb fits and adjusts the same way your original comb does. It has ridges that mate with the grooves in the stock. Each ridge represents 1⁄8" in height (Figure 14). Slide the new comb in place, fitting it in the proper ridges to your desired comb height. Shoulder the shotgun and check your comb position before inserting the pin. When you have determined the correct height, insert the pin. This will secure the comb in place.

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