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The Legendary Buckmark Logo.

The Browning Buckmark has been around since 1978, and since 2007 we've encouraged you to participate in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest, displaying your pride, creativity, and ingenuity as you create unique and amazing crafts in the form of the Buckmark logo. You've inspired us, and now we are returning the favor, showing you our own ideas on showing the Browning Buckmark. The 2015 Show Us Your Buckmark winners will shortly be chosen from the entries starting last January 1, 2015. Enter now to be included in the 2016 contest. You could win a Browning. 

Continued . . . The Browning Buckmark logo, designed for the centennial celebration of Browning in 1978, has become inseparably intertwined with the Browning name and has come to signify a proud tradition for people of all walks of life. Since 2007, we've encouraged our fans to participate in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest, displaying their pride, creativity, and ingenuity as they created unique and amazing crafts in the form of the Buckmark logo.

This year, we've decided to take that challenge ourselves, using natural hunting and shooting elements to create unique Natural Buckmarks. Some of them are on par with the winners of past Show Us Your Buckmark contest years while others fall into the category of "good efforts".